I grew up in a small town in Indiana where I learned to type by using AOL Instant Messenger. I went to college at Ohio University where I landed in the College of Business majoring in Marketing and minoring in failing accounting and stats classes. Additionally, I was the President of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, had a part time job working for the Intramural Sports Deparment (best job ever) and spent a summer in Colorado interning at Crocs.

After graduation, I started my career with CareStar, Inc. in Cincinnati as a marketing person. I learned the basics of web design and developement and was HOOKED. Convinced that Austin was a better place for tech-minded folks who wanted to make a difference, I packed up and bailed to Texas in March of 2012. The minute I got to Austin I started learning how to truly build sites and products with code and not just dump content into a WYSIWYG and hit "Save."

During the summer of 2012, Capital Factory brought me on as an Event Coordinator where I helped keep the lights on and bring events into the amazing 22,000 square foot startup hub. In January 2013 I started with Paperless Pipeline as a Customer Advocate working with customers to answer questions and help market the product. In September of that year I left Pipeline to work as a freelancer and help startups with design and web development.

Throughout 2014 I worked with startups and entrepreneurs in many ways. Through the first few months I was contracted with Cratejoy to help build some of the original stores on their platform. In the summer, I was brought on to be a "hackstar" for the Techstars in Austin program helping all the companies involved with design and development where needed. And in the last portion of the year, I was contracted by StartupRunner to help with design, development and project management for their portfolio companies.

In 2015 I started by first full time engineering job with The Zebra as a Front End Developer. My focus in 2015: JavaScript. Learning and building with JavaScript and becoming comfortable with the language as well as I could be.